Travis Korson, a Rhode Island native and current resident of Washington, DC, has been an active member of the YRNF for several years. He previously served on the Executive Board of the District of Columbia Young Republicans for four years, both as Executive Vice-Chairman and then as National Committeeman, where he was unanimously elected to a second term.

A veteran of politics, Travis has formerly served in the leadership of the District of Columbia Republican Party and is a guest lecturer with the Leadership Institute. Travis currently works as the Senior Vice-President at Madison Strategies, a national public affairs, public relations and political consulting firm. He has previously served in the Bush White House and has spent time at various conservative organizations and government institutions including the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity and the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Travis has spoken at several conferences, regularly appears as a guest on television and radio programs and is a frequent opinion contributor in leading news and political publications. He is a graduate of the George Washington University where he studied International Affairs with a focus on International Economics.