Let’s admit a hard truth – the YRNF lacks real credibility in the Republican Family. Part of that stems from the lack of a clear emphasis on relationship building no matter what organization you belong to and how you came to join the Republican Party. More importantly, it is a result of low expectations on the part of our senior GOP officials and colleagues in other auxiliary organizations. We cannot accomplish our goals alone. We must do a better job of engaging our partners to be successful.

We will restore pride in the YRNF by ending the continual emphasis on titles and demonstrating a real commitment to the value we provide to the Republican National Committee, College Republican National Committee, National Federation of Republican Women, and many others. To restore the vital role the YRNF can play in the conservative movement, we will accomplish the following:

  • Partnerships:  Re-establish weekly agenda setting meetings with the RNC, and establish monthly agenda setting meetings with other Republican Auxiliary Organizations.
  • Communications:  Establish monthly communications to YR members across the country highlighting their efforts at organizing the GOP and their positive impact on their communities, and begin a monthly live stream with an officer of the YRNF.
  • Recruitment:  Establish a graduation recruitment plan in conjunction with the CRNC.
  • Inclusivity: Produce and publicize bid packets for National Board Meetings that set clear objectives and removes the Chairman as the sole decision maker.