Let’s not mistake ourselves – the Young Republican National Federation has been floundering. For years we have languished without a clear mission. Even if we did, we would languish without a clear strategy on how to achieve that mission. As a result, many of the State Federations have looked at the YRNF as a completely unreliable partner in their fight on the local level.

That has to change. States should rely on the YRNF for operational support as much as the YRNF relies on them. Our platform seeks to refocus on what should be our core mission – creating the environment for Young Republicans across the country to engage their respective GOP organizations – by implementing the following important first steps:

  • Fundraising: We will raise a total of $125,000 from events and operations outside of the National Board Meetings during the first year of the term, and $150,000 during the second. Operationally, we will provide a surplus of $25,000 in each year of the term.
  • Transparency: Produce and publish an annual strategic plan no later than two months before the beginning of the fiscal year with objective, measurable goals and a clear line item budget for all Young Republicans to see and understand.  The strategic plan will include a line-item budget with details on how funds will specifically be used.
  • Predictability:  For National Board Meetings, the agenda will be published and sent at least 14 days before the meeting. A comprehensive treasury report will also be published for the National Board in that same timeframe each and every meeting.
  • Marketing:  Publish a specific Marketing Plan as part of the overall Strategic Plan, with an emphasis on an engaging rebranding, web presence, and digital mobilization.