Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people.

The Young Republican National Federation is at a clear crossroads. With a dwindling bank account, and marginal influence on the national stage, the organization we know as the key grassroots component for young professional conservatives is floundering. A change is needed before we slip irrevocably into obscurity. We are the Young Republican Resurgence, aimed solely at the mission of installing the values we need to make our organization the great behemoth in conservative politics it used to be. Our resurgence is built upon real, achievable objectives that start the hard work from the ground up. While others start with the titles they wish to obtain, we start with the goals we would like to accomplish.

In other words, others will tell you what they want to do for themselves. We will tell you what we can accomplish for everyone.

As this campaign begins towards the YRNF Convention in Annapolis, Maryland this summer, we want to invite you to join us in a conversation about your goals, your ambitions, and what the YRNF can do for you that it currently does not. We want to invite your ideas in a discussion with ours so that we can build a YR Resurgence that is truly national in nature. You may have a title. You might not. It doesn’t matter.

What makes us great are the ideas for change.

Rejuvinate: We will rejuvenate the organization from the ground up by implementing necessary reforms to the operations of the YRNF.

Refocus: We will refocus operations of the core mission of the Young Republicans to create an environment where young conservatives can have a lasting impact.

Restore: We will restore the rightful place of the Young Republican National Federation as an important component of the conservative movement in America.