The Young Republican National Federation is at a clear crossroads. With a dwindling bank account, and marginal influence on the national stage, the organization we know as the key grassroots component for young professional conservatives is floundering. A change is needed before we slip irrevocably into obscurity. We are the Young Republican Resurgence, aimed solely at the mission of installing the values we need to make our organization the great behemoth in conservative politics it used to be. Our resurgence is built upon real, achievable objectives that start the hard work from the ground up. While others start with the titles they wish to obtain, we start with the goals we would like to accomplish.

“This is more than a campaign. This is a movement, and we have to take advantage of the momentum we have with Trump’s inauguration and a Republican Congress. The time for change in our own ranks is now,” said Kory Boone, Maryland Young Republicans Chairman and a founding member of YR Resurgence. The Resurgence represents Young Republicans from across the country — and not everyone in The Resurgence holds a prominent position in their respective organizations. Most who join the movement are every day young conservatives, concerned about the direction our country has been heading in and optimistic at the opportunity for growth the inauguration brings.

The platform focuses on rejuvenating the YRNF from the ground up, refocusing the organization’s efforts on meaningful actions that build a foundation for growth, and restoring the prominent role that the YRNF should play in the conservative movement and doesn’t. For more information about YR Resurgence, visit

Real plans. Big Ideas. Positive Vision.

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