Washington, D.C. – David Bossie, President Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager and President of Citizens United, endorses Kory Boone for Young Republican National Federation (YRNF) chairman. “Kory Boone has done an excellent job growing Maryland’s Young Republican group, and worked hard in 2016 to grow the YR network toward supporting Donald J. Trump and Making America Great Again,” says Bossie. “I heartily endorse Kory Boone to be the next Chairman to lead the Young Republican National Federation.”

“It is truly an honor to receive an endorsement from Mr. Bossie. With the great work he did in helping President Trump win his election, and being a conservative force with leading Citizens United, I do not take this endorsement lightly,” Kory Boone gratuitously expressed. “I am ready to lead the YRNF in working and serving with the Trump Administration where there is a current gap in the relationship. Forging this bond and building a strong relationship is critical in preparing our membership to help President Trump get re-elected in 2020 and to continue to grow our majority in both the House and the Senate.”

In Politico’s ranking of the 50 most influential people in American politics, Mr. Bossie was ranked number two in 2015. He also led the fight, and won in the Supreme Court case, Citizens v. Federal Election Commission, in which the court nullified twenty years of limitations on the First Amendment. Aside from being president of Citizens United, Mr. Bossie served as the Deputy Executive Director for the Trump Presidential Transition Team, and he is also a contributor on the Fox News Channel.

For additional information, contact Zavier Bicott at Zavier.Bicott@gmail.com.


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